CM Studio was started by Charlie McGrady in 1983 in New York City.  At that time, the artwork was largely big fun, wacky, sculpture juxtaposed with scaled models of herds of elephants, zebras, rhinos and assorted large mammals.  "Wacky Stackies", as they are known, were superceded by assemblages that included human figures and expanded anatomical and natural history studies. 
Within the natural history studies came dinosaurs, which were undergoing a sort of anatomical revolution.  Theories of warm-blooded dinosaurs had them up and running without dragging their tails. 
In 1994 Brian Page joined, allowing projects to scale up. Eventually CM Studio started making life-sized sculptures of the new dinosaur look.  Brian is co-owner and handles molding and casting and all technical elements of manufacturing and assemblages.
Currently CM Studio is focusing on completing fifty different life-sized species.  We have deemed it "Super Giant Project", a Sistine Chapel of natural history.  We have many exhibits, from Burgess Shale, up through the Mesozoic, including fish, amphibians, invertebrates, pterosaurs, crocodiles, proto-dinosaurs and too many other exhibits to mention.
Super Giant Project is scheduled for completion in October 2005.  At the same time, we have about ten other projects, a few equally giant in scope.  It is our hope to bring these projects out as they develop.