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Stegoceras was a small, plant-eating dinosaur that had a large, thick-skulled head. This dinosaur may have butted heads with others of its kind in bone-shaking contests.
Stegoceras was a dome-headed, bipedal dinosaur. Its large head housed a thick skull, a relatively large brain, and large eyes. Its skull was about 3-4 inches (8 cm) thick. Males had thicker domes than females, and older Stegoceras had thicker domes than younger ones. Stegoceras had a fringe of horny knobs along the rear of its skull. It had short forelimbs and a large, stiff tail.
Suchomimus tenerensis (meaning "crocodile mimic from Tenere," after the part of the Sahara desert where it was found) was a fish-eating (and meat-eating) spinosaurid theropod dinosaur. It was about 36 feet (11 m) long, about 12 feet tall, and walked on two powerful hindlegs. This carnivore had short clawed arms with three fingers. One finger on each hand had a 1-foot long, sickle-like claw on the end of a 16-inch (40 cm) long thumb. "The hand is amazing," Sereno said. "It was probably ideal for fishing, for grabbing ... into those large fish."

In its crocodile-like pointed jaw, it had about 100 pointed teeth. These razor-sharp teeth faced slightly backwards. The very end of the snout was tipped with an extra, chin-like projection, called a rosette, that held the longest teeth, ideal for grabbing prey.
TENONTOSAURUS (ten-ON-toh-sawr-us) "Tendon Lizard" (Greek tenonto = sinew + sauros = lizard, referring to the ossified tendons along its backbone)

An ORNITHOPOD of Early Cretaceous North America. This 20 foot (6 m) BIPEDAL plant eater weighed 2 tons (1.8 metric tons) or more. It probably resembled IGUANODON but did not have spiked thumbs. Its TAIL was equipped with bony, rod-like tendons that held the tail rigid when Tenontosaurus ran. Tenontosaurus probably roamed vast areas. Partial skeletons have been found in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, and Oklahoma. Perfect SKIN impressions were found in Texas.
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